American Cockroach

American Cockroach
Latin Name:Periplaneta americana
Length:4 cm
Sounds:Chirping Noise
Digestive Tract:Yes

How to get rid of this?.To get rid of pest problem under control, inspection is the first and foremost step.

How Do Cockroaches Get In.

  • Cockroaches can crawl in nearly any small crack or seal.
  • Cracks and other openings to prevent invaders from the outside.
  • Cracks in false bottoms of cupboards and other indoor hiding places.
  • Old newspapers, boxes and other clutter in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • The oriental cockroach hides outdoors under ivy and other shelter.

How To Keep Cockroaches Out.

  • There are many preventative measures to keep out cockroaches.
  • Even tiny crumbs or liquids in cracks provide good food sources.
  • Store food in sealed containers.
  • Keep trash in containers with tight lids.
  • Eliminate plumbing leaks.
  • Vacuum cracks and crevices and clean floors and counters daily.

Professional Extermination Method.

With the latest products, including fumigants and baits, our trained technicians will suggest prescribed treatments to rid your home of roaches. If the treatment is being executed in sensitive areas, such as pantries and cupboards we may ask the homeowner to remove all food and dishware prior to the service.

PEST CONTROLCockroaches are the most common insects where we can find in our homes, offices etc.,

They found to be an imporatnt source of causing allergy in people. So, we should elliminate these cockroaches by using different techniques. One way is to use baits and boric acid to eliminate your cockroach problem.
If you find any cockroaches or other pest related problems in your home, we offer a call out service to deal with.

Delport's can come periodically to monitor your home and help prevent an infestation with COCKROACHES.